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Denny Lawrence

This is how he enrolled his first $50k client after having to close his dentistry business due to Covid.

“My profession shut down just when I had my best quarter in 3 years. I had to pivot, refocus. It RESULTED in enrolling my first health and wellness client.

I really want to acknowledge the life’s work that Jeremy Bellotti has assembled and humbly, graciously shares.”

Judy Jarvis

While recovering from stage IV cancer, she created a successful coaching business that went beyond her own expectations.

“Jeremy Bellotti, I cannot thank you enough!  I would still be under my desk sucking my thumb if it were not for you!”

Christopher Cantrell

He started a $50k per month dream business while still working at his full-time job.

Huge thanks to Jeremy for speaking to us with heart as a beacon of light.  You are a blessing in my life and it is no surprise you have helped so many.”

Nell Bent-Redley

She was trapped in a day-to-day meaningless routine. This is how she found purpose and passion while creating a business that matters.

I have never really met a very successful entrepreneur that is so honest, possesses so much integrity, and gives you a front row seat into their own journey through success and failures. If I never take another program ever again, the education & practical business applications this offers is worth its weight in gold.”

Dominique Fraser

She created a 100k per month coaching business with one funnel & one offer.

“I’m absolutely amazed by Jeremy’s enrollment technique. People are just jumping in… literally! They are telling me at the beginning of the call that they don’t have money and at the end they are brainstorming with me on how they could create $12k to be part of my Mastermind.

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