What Is a Certified Mastery Coach®?


Certified Mastery Coaches® (CMC) have successfully graduated from Masters, our elite coach certification program that trains coaches in optimal human performance psychology & helps them master the skills necessary to create transformational results for their clients.

Coaches learn how to apply science-backed frameworks & proven systems for radical behavioral change and habit upgrades, as well as consistent world-class coaching using our proprietary mastery methodology.

Our goal with these graduates is to set the global standard for transformational coaching. Clients around the world recognize a Certified Mastery Coach® for their advanced skillset, knowledge, excellence, & commitment to systematically creating measurable results.

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Brian Walker

Regain Wellness & Vitality Mastery Coach

Denny Lawrence

Improved Health, Vitality & Performance Coach

Jenni Rock

Divorce & Separation Healing and Recovery Coach

Joshua White

Sales & Business Mastery Coach

Ken Kleinberg

Weight Loss Mastery Coach

Scott Lepthien

Marriage Ignition Coach For Men

Tony Morrison

Rollback Time Fitness Coach For Men