Certified Mastery Coachesâ„¢



Special opportunity for Certified Mastery Coaches™ to get FULL access to LEGENDS, grow a mission-driven business & impact the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Yearly Membership?

You’ll get FREE access to our 2-day Live Virtual Workshop carefully designed to uplevel your Business with the latest and most effective marketing strategies in today’s world. PLUS access to an exclusive and private “Ask Us Anything” event for CMC Yearly members only. 

As A Certified Mastery Coachâ„¢, Do I Need To Be Part of Legends?

Yes. Being a Certified Mastery Coachâ„¢ means that you have committed yourself to mastery, transformation, and constant improvement. Certified Coaches lead by example and inspire transformation. This is why being an active member of Legends is a requirement for earning and renewing your certification as a Certified Mastery Coachâ„¢.

Does the Monthly Membership Include Access to the Live Events?

FREE access to our exclusive Live Events is available only with the Yearly Membership. For Monthly Memberships, tickets to the Virtual Live Workshop For Entrepreneurs are available for purchase. Our private “Ask us Anything” event is not available for purchase.

If I don't get my membership right now, will I be able to get the same offer in the future?

This offer is only available only for our clients who are completing our Certified Mastery Coaching Program. This special offer will not be available in the future. 

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