How To Build An International Plan B,Become More Sovereign & Build More Freedom

A 3-Day Workshop About Residencies & Citizenships, Offshore Business & Banking, And Strategies To Protect Your Wealth

Medellín - Colombia | August 2-4, 2023








You’re growing your business and you’ve been paying your taxes. You’ve worked hard to earn your freedom, your wealth and your lifestyle.


After 3 years of eye-opening global events, freedom & liberty are quickly becoming nothing more than a pleasant fantasy.

You’re not alone. This sudden awakening is happening to the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs.

And there’s one simple reason why:

Social restrictions and political correctness are the new norm, exorbitant taxes keep rising by the day, and government repression and surveillance have become the new standard.

In order to claim back your freedom and protect your wealth without wishing for a miracle, you need to carefully plan your exit before it’s too late.

It’s not that hard, but it does require careful planning so you don’t get caught up in the system, paying costly mistakes and ruining your lifestyle.

This means that you need to learn:

  • What are the best places to relocate so you and your family don’t sacrifice the things in life you care about the most & how that will impact your taxes.
  • All about offshore companies and banking so you can escape financial tyranny, protect your business and your wealth.
  • How to get new citizenships and residencies to break free from tax extortion, government overreach and recover personal liberty.
  • …and so much more!
… and your CPA and personal attorney aren’t enough to make it work.

You Need a Multidimensional
Exit Plan and Strategy

Imagine having a dedicated week with someone with first-hand experience who has done it and lived it. Someone who can help you put all the pieces together, learn from their experience, avoid their mistakes and learn proven real-world offshore tax strategies.

Learn from Jeremy Bellotti, who left the United States to protect his wealth, family & freedom

HI, I’m Jeremy Bellotti

and I’m an Entrepreneur who left the US in 2022.

During the past few years, the american dollar has been sinking, inflation is at an all time high, the government has more tools than ever to take your money.

Not to mention the persecution of traditional values, the destruction of the family, and the proliferation of woke culture.

In late 2021, I decided it was enough.

I decided I was going to break free from the restrictions that inhibited my personal freedom, reduce or even eliminate taxes, take control of my privacy and protect my family.

Within a year, my family and I relocated outside of the US, moved my business offshore, acquired multiple residencies, secured second citizenship, opened multiple offshore bank accounts and started real estate investments abroad.

In other words, we escaped tyranny, protected our wealth from government overreach and reclaimed our personal liberty in less than a year.

Life has never been better.

And now I’m opening the doors to share with other freedom-minded entrepreneurs what we did, my experience before, during and after making the big move, the mistakes I’ve made in the process and my current offshore strategy.

I Call It The
Exit Plan Workshop™

A 3 Day Intimate Workshop For Successful Entrepreneurs



When you arrive at the workshop, you’ll be immersed in a whole new environment that sets the stage to learn about new residencies and citizenship options. You’ll learn how we decided on our destination, healthcare & schooling options along with lifestyle advantages that surprised us.


Get ready for a packed day of groundbreaking information on business and banking offshore along with international tax strategy. Get ready to ask your burning questions to our personal advisors and discover our own personal off shore business and tax strategy.


On this day, we will have a special surprise session that will blow your mind! We will also take a deeper dive into taxation, and end with an exclusive Q&A along with an adventure field trip to the most stunning neighborhoods giving you an eye-opening look into the culture and a better understanding of what this lifestyle has to offer.

The Venue

El Cielo Hotel (Medellín – Colombia)

Our workshop will be hosted in the beautiful city of Medellin – Colombia. Attendees will enjoy a luxury experience full of memorable moments, sensory and surprising experiences that will stimulate their senses and open their minds at El Cielo Hotel & Restaurant.

Our guests’ experience will be unforgettable, served and welcomed by charming and attentive staff in the most cosmopolitan and international city visited in Colombia.

Will You Be One Of the 15 Lucky Attendees?
Let’s Find Out!

We’re currently taking applications for our attendees at this first Exit Plan Workshop and we’re only looking to have 15 guests in total.

Jeremy will be revealing the details behind his offshore plan, his tax strategy, residencies and his business structure plus banking offshore to all attendees during this 3-day event.

Due to the exclusive and private nature of this information, all attendees must apply and qualify to attend.


This event is 100% Free but not open to everyone. Plane tickets, local transport & accommodation are not included.

If you’re interested in attending our Exit Plan Workshop, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. 1Click the button below to submit your application. It will take a few minutes to let us know who you are and what you’re looking to achieve by the end of this workshop.
  2. 2If your application is approved, we will schedule a 1-on-1 call with you to learn more about you and discuss further details.
  3. 3If we decide this workshop is a good fit for you, we will proceed to reserve a spot for you.
  4. 4Within a week of enrollment, you’ll need to send us your travel and accommodation information to fully confirm your attendance. Failing to do so will result in losing your spot.