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Who We Are

PERSONAL MASTERYwas founded by Jeremy Bellotti to help mission-driven entrepreneurs achieve legendary life & business growth.

We’ve helped 10,000+ entrepreneurs from over 57 countries master the mental habits and high-earning skills required to build a thriving impact-driven business & produce meaningful results in ALL areas of life.

Practical solutions. Tangible results.

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We believe that mission-driven entrepreneurship is the purest expression of PERSONAL MASTERY

What We Do 

The Premier Results-Oriented Standard for Legendary Life & Business Growth

Rewire your mind and produce the extraordinary RESULTS you really want in life. Legends offers a proven systematic & science-based approach to building a better YOU beyond average.

Transform your existing knowledge, skills, and expertise into a profitable online coaching business using The Accelerator Model™ to consistently enroll premium clients & make a meaningful impact.

Develop mastery coaching skills & gain the confidence to position yourself as the premium standard of the coaching industry by becoming a Certified Mastery Coach™.

“Mastery Is Not a Destination, It’s a Decision.”

Jeremy Bellotti
Founder, Personal Mastery

Why Our Clients Love Us

Committed To PERSONAL MASTERY & Real Results

“This changed my life. I finally got beyond the tactical limitations and into the infinite power of my mind & what I always knew I could achieve and do but wasn’t doing.”

Denny Lawrence

“Just today, I earned more in my coaching business than I did in a month as a doctor. If you haven’t signed up yet – DO IT right now!! The best decision I ever made.”

Dr. Sraddha Prativadi

“Before joining I felt lost, didn’t know what to do or where to go, had a job I hated, all of it. Fast forward less than a year now, I quit the job and my business is on track to do over $250k this year.”

Joshua White

“Trust the process. Live the MastersWay, and life changes so quickly. I’m finally where my heart always knew I should be. This has been the start of a whole new life for me.”

Judy Jarvis

“This has been such a game changer for me. I can’t say enough good things about this process. It’s amazing to see how much you grow, you start seeing things you didn’t see before.”

Christopher Cantrell

“By day one, this had far exceeded our expectations. Just within that first week, we had a game plan of exactly what to do. We’re just blown away. The value of this mastery method is priceless.”

Brian & Alyssa Delmonico

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